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Extra Credit

Write a 2 page (double-spaced) response/analysis for framework of argumentation that interests you. The argument should take a rhetorical or literary analysis tone addressing an issue that YOU think needs to be revived in the public.

Worth: 20 points (2% of course grade)

Due: On your blog and hand in a printed copy in class December 17, 2010.


Barack Obama speaks in Nashua, New Hampshire on the night of the primary. Click here to view a footage of his speech. From a rhetorical stance, do you think the speech is effective?

My life: take six

War survivor educator traveler seeking knowledge.

Hello English 111!

I invite you to experience the world of blogging. Believe me this is a new territory for me but I am willing to not only explore it, but also to share and learn from you. On that note, I invite you to bring your ideas, papers, comments and much more. As long as you can connect your ideas, thoughts and comment to Writing Today and the class discussions I think you should be fine. But please remember, if you choose to talk about something that is not in line with English 111 or composition, you will need to ask for permission (from me that is) before you posting the comment online.

Other than that, I welcome you to sign up for a free blog space and email me the url. I will add it to the “coursefeed” tab in Blackboard and so that we (as a class) can visit and comment on each others blog.

Enjoy blogging!

Ms. Kamara